Ashton Kutcher Hits The Jackpot

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Ashton Kutcher is bringing home the bacon. He has a lucrative contract with “Two And A Half Men”. He is the million dollar an episode man. Is he deserving of a million an episode? I believe he is, if you have ever in your life watched “Punk’d” you would agree.
Ashton Kutcher Talks With Charlie Rose At TechCrunch Disrupt

Ashton is the Brad Pitt of television. I know right about now Charlie Sheen is kicking himself in the donkey. He was making 125 per episode and perks aka profit sharing which totalled approximately 2 million an episode. That’s a lot of money to kiss goodbye SMH. Charlie hopefully will rebound , but for now Ashton is the Leader of the Pack.

Ashton is one level-headed young guy, who makes great inspiring decisions. I am about to go get myself an older woman right now(must be in mid forties with a beautiful face and body of a young 25-year-old, MUST make your own money so you’re not sponging off of me). “Punk’d’ ended to soon it had another five years left, who didn’t mind seeing the Who’s Who in Hollywood reveal their other side when panick, fear, and anger took over. Kutchner knows when to fold… take a hint (SNL) He’s able to reinvent himself, across the boards he just make good choice. Hats off to you Ashton.

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Charlie Sheen’s Funeral on

Ashton Kutcher replaces Charlie sheen in “Two and a half men”. Charlie Sheen fired due to disagreement with the producers of the show. Another Old Man Gone Wild WTF are they putting in their water? Speaking of water I know what’s in Charlie’s cup and it is not I repeat NOT water. Walking Advertisement for Leave Drugs Alone. Charlie whether drunk, high, or whatever he was so damn funny. Sheen is the reason for the success of the show. Does anyone know who the other characters are?


Ashton Kutcher was a great choice for his replacement. He is younger, funny, and also known as a ladies man. Ashton also come with a following of his own. It’s a shame how they kill Sheen off, the producers did him dirty, but I guess Karma is a beotch.

I can’t wait for the new episodes, even though I’m going to miss Charlie but as the saying go, Out with the Old and In with the New. Charlie I hope you hurry and get your stroke back because you are sinking fast. Cut It out with the home therapy B.S. and get some real therapy.  You should try Dr. Oz he seem to have a high (snickering) success rate.


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