Bow Wow Owes $25,000 For A Repossessed Lambo

Bow Wow lost his white lambo last year  and the bank still want him to pay 25K  to satisfy his obligation

Bow Wow financial woes are not over yet, he still owes the bank 25K even though they snatched his Lambo last year. A damn shame will he ever have financial freedom….from child support arrears, to repo’s, and soon to be foreclosures, that Bet check was spent before the ink dried on the contract.

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It costs roughly $25,000 to repossess and sell a rapper’s Lamborghini — at least according to a Georgia bank, which is now suing Bow Wow for money it spent flipping his ride.


SunTrust Bank filed the lawsuit against Bow Wow — real name Shad Moss — claiming he took out a $300,165 business loan, agreeing to 84 monthly payments of $4,730.


According to bank records filed with the lawsuit, Bow Wow fell behind last year. The docs show the bank repossessed the rapper’s Lamborghini Murcielago — and managed to get $161,000.


You’d think that would be the end of it — but the bank tacked on more than $25,000 for “repossession expenses.”


According to the lawsuit, Bow Wow still owes the bank $21,371 — and the bank wants every penny.


TMZ broke the story … Bow Wow is also being chased down by a collection agency over a $283,000 judgment against him, stemming from a Ferrari he stopped making payments on.


Sources close to Bow Wow tell us, the rapper attributes all his money issues to his crappy ex-management team. We’re told he has since cleaned house and is now working to fix his financial mess.


Mjj says…..All that money he made, and he don’t have a damn thing to show for it….SMH

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Rappper Eazy-E Mansion Foreclosed On

Eazy -E's wife Tomica Wright let their Party Mansion home get foreclosed on

Rapper Eazy-E from the infamous rap group N.W.A. Playhouse mansion was snatched by the banks and sold in Early May 2012. His wife Tomica Wright wasn’t able to keep up with the Joneses so she stopped paying the mortgage.

Straight outta Calabasas … the mansion rapper Eazy-E used to call his “Playhouse” was foreclosed on earlier this year — and TMZ has learned it was all because his widow allegedly stopped making payments on the home.

Eazy E's California Playa's Mansion snatched from the bank and sold at an auction

The late rapper’s crib was famous back in the early 90′s for crazy, all-night parties — as well as an open door policy for entourage members and hoards of women.


The 6,700 square-foot pad reportedly even had a black room with fluorescent pillows and a neon sign that read “Eazy’s Playhouse.”


When the N.W.A rapper died in 1995, the digs passed to his wife Tomica Wright. But according to official records, which just became available, she fell behind on the mortgage payments in 2011… to the tune of $168,278.78.


Unable to come up with the cash … the 5-bedroom, 6-bath house was sold at a foreclosure auction in May for $2.2 million.


 Mjj says….Rip Eazy-E…..With the continued success of those that emerged from N.W.A. Where’s the lending hand when you need it?



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Damn when the checks stop rolling in, all of your business ventures fall through, and child support kicks you in the asz eleven times, you would think that a man would have no fight left. Was this the case for Holyfield, whose  last T.K.O came in the form of Foreclosure? Evander Holyfield is a survivor, he survived an ear biting and he’ll survive his mansion being snatched right from under him.

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Evander Holyfield couldn’t fight his way outta this one … the former heavyweight champ is finally moving out of his foreclosed Georgia mansion after failing to strike a deal with the bank.


TMZ broke the story … Holyfield owed more than $14 million on the 54,000 square foot mega-mansion … which was recently sold at a foreclosure auction for $7.5 million.


After the sale, the bank that purchased the home allowed Evander to continue to live there temporarily … but judging by the moving trucks lined up at his front door … it seems he’s finally worn out his welcome.


We’re told the trucks spent several hours at the mansion — though it’s unclear where the movers are taking E.H.’s stuff.


Holyfield obviously has some major financial problems — besides the foreclosure, he owes a ton of cash in unpaid federal taxes … plus, he’s up to his mangled ears in back child support payments.

Mediajuicejoint- Instead of throwing punches at his wife, he should have knocked out his debt, and strapped the hell up at the same damn time.

WTF do these athletes do with their money other than trickin?

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