2 chainz posted with cops after weed arrest

Around 10 pm, Maryland State Police pulled over rapper 2 Chainz.  While he wasn’t traveling alone he was the only one arrested for marijuana possession.  Like any other get the juice inside…

Ochocinco Moves On To The Next Chic

Chad got him a new girl

Chad got him a new girl

Uh O, more trouble in paradise as Chad “Ochocinco” says “On to the next one” on Valentine’s Day.  He get the juice inside…

Mediajuicejoint Wishes You a Happy Valentine’s Day


Mediajuicejoint would like to take this time to wish each and every one of you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

get the juice inside…

Lil Wayne Dishonors Emmet Till


Lil Wayne who is known for his insane metaphors heard through his rap music has pushed the envelope of disrespect too far. Lil Wayne and Future’s new song “Karate Chop” refers to Weezy popping a get the juice inside…

Was It Christopher Dorner’s Body Found In Burned Cabin


Was it alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner’s body found in burned cabin? A license was found along with human remains, but still no substantial identification results have been disclosed.

via Huff Post

BIG BEAR get the juice inside…

Beyonce Looking Fab At Her HBO Premiere


Beyonce looked fabulous at the premiere for her HBO Documentary Life Is But A Dream. She rocked an Elie Saab gown that complimented her curves and her hair was on point, get the juice inside…

Dmx Arrested For Driving Without A Valid License


Dmx arrested again for the 50th time for driving without a valid driver’s license, cuffed and taken to Spartanburg Detention Center…..well at least he didn’t have guns this time.

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Will Smith and Duane Martin Coupled Up In Brazil

Will-Smith-Duane-Martin-Kanye-West-Kim Kardashian-brazil-coupled-up

Will Smith and Duane Martin Coupled Up with Kanye West and Kimmy Cakes in Brazil. I know this sounds off but I am in no way accentuating that Will Smith and Duane Martin is true get the juice inside…