Allen Iverson Done Stole The Kids

Allen Iverson wants his estranged wife Tawanna arrested for removing her belongings out of their home

What’s that in your cup??????

Allen Iverson’s ex-wife Tawanna has filed docs due to Iverson allegedly kidnapped their kids. Having them for a short vacay turned into a …have you seen these kids situation. Tawanna also stated that AI is an alcoholic, which means he needs supervision supervising their kids ranging from 3 to 16…..A mother’s nightmare.


Former NBA star Allen Iverson has abducted his own children … so says his ex-wife, and now she’s begging the court to force Allen to give them back.


Tawanna Iverson just filed legal docs, claiming Allen recently asked for permission to take their five kids on a short vacation to Charlotte, NC from May 22nd-May 26th (and Tawanna agreed) but when May 26th rolled around, the children hadn’t been returned.


The kids range in age from 3 to 16 years old.


In the docs, Tawanna says she tried to set up an exchange on June 4th at a neutral location — a nearby Target store — but A.I. never showed up.


Tawanna — who has sole legal and primary physical custody of their children — now believes Allen never took their kids to Charlotte at all … and is currently keeping them at a Sheraton hotel in Georgia.


Tawanna claims she’s especially concerned because Allen’s an alcoholic who drinks around their kids.


She now wants the court to force him to return the kids … and punish him as well, even suggesting the judge lock him up in jail.


It’s not the first time she’s tried to get Iverson locked up … she had previously begged the court to send him to the pokey for allegedly not paying more than $40,000 in child support.


Mediajuicejoint- smh ish just keeps going downhill for the former 76er.






Allen Iverson wants his estranged wife Tawanna arrested for removing her belongings out of their home

More Drama with the Iversons, last month Allen filed for dismissal of  his pending divorce case due to reconciliation, now this month he wants his wife arrested for allegedly stealing belongings out of their home. Apparently after returning home from playing ball overseas Tawanna had a big surprise waiting for him… EMPTY house, she took every piece of furniture, jewelry, his stash, and left the ice trays. Revenge is a dish best served cold…..

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NBA legend Allen Iverson believes his wife should be locked up for ransacking his house while he was out of the country — this according to new legal docs.


A.I. recently filed a motion for contempt in Georgia against his estranged wife Tawanna Iverson, claiming he had a basketball gig in Asia earlier this month … and when he returned home, his house was totally gutted.


According to the docs, Iverson’s wife infiltrated his home while he was gone — pillaging furniture, art, memorabilia … and a large sum of cash.


Iverson says he’s asked Tawanna several times to return the stuff — but so far, she’s refused. Tawannna and A.I. have been warring since she filed for divorce last year. Last month she requested a restraining order, claiming her ex was harassing and threatening her.


Now, A.I. wants a judge to hold Tawanna in contempt for harassing him … and throw her in jail … at least until she returns the stolen goods. He also wants an order barring her from entering the home.


The judge has yet to rule.

Mediajuicejoint- I put Allen Iverson in the same category as T.O. minus the crying, he has just as much baby mama drama with one baby mama, as T.O. have with all ten of his baby mammas. They both need to go somewhere and get it together.

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Allen Iverson’s bank account has been commandeered by a Georgia judge … who’s garnishing the former NBA star’s earnings so A.I. can repay a 6-figure debt to his flashy GA jeweler.


According to court papers obtained by TMZ … Iverson was sued back in 2010 for allegedly stiffing Aydin & Company Jewelers on a $375,000 bill.


The records show … A.I. never responded to the lawsuit … so a default judgement was issued in favor of the jewelry store … allowing A&C to collect $859,896.46 for the bling, court costs, interest and attorneys fees.


But A.I. still didn’t pay … so earlier this month .. the judge signed off on an order which allows the store to recoup their loss directly from Iverson’s Wells Fargo bank account.


So far, it’s unclear if the store has received its money. Calls to Iverson’s rep have not been returned.


Mediajuicejoint: Damn A.I. things ain’t looking so great, first kicked out of the NBA, Divorce, Foreclosure, and Now The Judge says bend over and take it raw just because of pure arrogance AND ignorance. SMH You Gone learn Today!!!!

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