Scarface Says Hip Hop Is White Washed


President of Def Jam South Mr. Scarface never been one to mince words, and nothing has changed. Scarface seems to think that hip hop isn’t what it use to be now that the higher ups who has no ties other than money to hip hop culture has taken over and the power to be has the final say.

Check Out what the Original Geto Boy had to say about old white men with their hands in the cookie jar via HardKnock. TV.

“I feel like we losing it.”

”I feel like the people that are in control of what Hip Hop does is so f**king White and so f**king Jewish and so they don’t give a f**k about what the culture and the craft really is about.”

“Let me say this sh*t right because I want this to be as offensive as I can f**kin’ make it for these old-ass punks that’s running these record labels that’s in the powerful positions to dictate what the Black community hears and listens to. I f**king hate that sh*t. That sh*t pisses me off.”

“There’s no f**king way that you can tell me that it’s not a conspiracy against the Blacks in Hip Hop. You put out f**king records that make us look stupid. You make us look dumb. You brainwash a generation of Hip Hoppers with this f**king crud and then when these other rappers come out, splitting it down the middle, these other rappers’ sh*t sound like ‘Wow!’ Y’all look great!’ ‘Y’all look stupid!’ … Then motherf**kers start going over here and pretty soon, Hip Hop is White now.”


  Do you agree?????





Rick Ross Feeling Betrayed

Rick Ross and Meek Mill betrayal is a dish best served cold

Rick Ross is feeling betrayed by Reebok due to a short in his account when they snatched back his contract. The Bause is still adding zero’s so no harm is really done.

The apology issued for his lyrics was a day late and a dollar too short, and Meek Mill might be next on Puma’s chopping block ……support from a distance.


Rick Ross is crestfallen over losing his Reebok deal because of that date rape song … but he’s also bitter because he believes the shoe company owed him a second chance.


Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ … Ross will lose between $3.5 million and $5 million … he was getting a check each time he wore the shoes.


TMZ broke the story … Reebok dumped Ross for releasing the song U.O.E.N.O., which includes the lyric: “Put Molly [Ecstasy] all in the champagne. She ain’t even know it. I took her home and I enjoy that. She ain’t even know it.”


Ross issued a tepid apology … suggesting the lyrics were actually misinterpreted. He also pulled the song — which was only on a mixtape.


But that wasn’t enough for Reebok, which was taking heat from women’s groups for keeping Ross in its stable of spokespeople.


Ross is telling people he was entitled to corporate forgiveness because he did so much for the brand … bringing classic Reeboks back in style in the hip-hop community.


But Reebok was unmoved, saying, “We are very disappointed he has yet to display an understanding of the seriousness of this issue or an appropriate level of remorse.”


In other words … too little, too late, Rick.



Mjj says, Never underestimate the power of the women’s movement.

Cassie Stopped By BET 106 & Park

Wiz Khalifa-Cassie--Paradise- Video

Cassie stopped by 106 & Park to chat it up about her new mix tape RockaByeBaby that features the hit with Da Bause himself Rick Ross “Numb” and to feature her new video with Wiz Khalifa “Paradise”

Ms. Coochie Tran makes an appearance along with Jeremiah and Problems, this joint might be a summer banger if they promote it heavily on the air……. well if her world was rocked by the other distracting news of her lover boy stepping off she sure didn’t show it. Check her out as she bedazzles in her new video with Wiz

Mjj says, Never let em see you sweat

Chris Brown Graffiti Work

chris-brown-tagging-a building-2

Chris Brown is quite the well rounded artist, he can sing, dance his asz off, rap a little, and we all know he can fight , but it’s one more thing that he does and does it very well ……… tagging the walls with his Graffiti skills.

Chris Brown just BLEW OUR MINDS!!! ‘Cause the singer put his graffiti skills on display on a wall in Florida … and dude’s got some serious talent.

Brown grabbed a spray can and went to town on a building in Miami (we’re guessing he was contracted to be there, ’cause if he wasn’t, it could be considered vandalism and he could be arrested … probation violation … jail … court drama … etc.)

Photogs snapped pics as Brown tagged the canvas … and you gotta trust us on this one, the finished product is pretty awesome.

chris -brown-grafitti-work-on-display



Soulja -T of Angle Boi Music Group Interview

Soulja T-angle-boi-music-group-2145-goonn-101-interview

The Entertainers Hub interviews Soulja -T Of Angle Boi Music Group. Soulja -T is promoting his new mixtape “2145″ Goonn#101. He opens your eyes to the street game, music game, and everyday struggles of making it to the top in Opa-Locka. Check the interview out below.


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Consequence Smacked The Ish Out Of Joe Budden


Consequence was on some real dapper don ish when he tweeted he slapped the ish out of Joe Budden during the taping of the Love and Hip Hop Reunion show. Now if that doesn’t make their ratings shoot through the roof, I don’t know what publicity stunting is.

Joe Budden clearly clowns Cons and NO he didn’t say one word about those horse teethus either, Joe said Cons hit like a beotch. Damn can Joe hit any lower below the belt……yes, yes he can check it


Can you imagine those big asz teeth chomping as he’s tweeting this ish





With those choppers if Consequences really wanted to do some damage all he had to do was BITE him.

spotted @ GG



Lil CAM “VS 13″ DirtySouthHipHop Exclusive Mixtape

LIL_CAM_Vs_13-front-large-new mixtape get it now


LIL_CAM_VS_13-nex mixtape dropped




Zulu Nation Pens Open Letter To World Star Hip Hop


Mr. O’Denat,


On behalf of the thousands of members of the Universal Zulu Nation, of which I am Minister Of Information, I write you this letter in peace and hope these words find you in the best of health and spirits. Brother, we at UZN have the utmost respect and love for all who choose to take our Culture to new heights, and we thank you for your part in creating new media that preserves our culture. It is with great sadness that we bring to your attention the obvious ills of your site, Mister O’Denat, you are well aware, or should be well aware that many are viewing your site’s content as very graphic and extremely violent. Before you brush this off as just another person’s opinion of your site and

the content you publish, please do not get it confused. This is not the case.


As I mentioned earlier, Mr. O’Denat, I am a representative of the Universal Zulu Nation, and we take our Culture quite serious. You are a Black man who has accomplished quite a lot without a formal education, and I’m quite sure when you dropped out of New York’s Grover Cleveland High School, you would never have imagined that you’d be as successful with your company, World Star, LLC. Doesn’t it bother you just a little that another Black man (that man being yourself), has “made it” out of the “ghetto”, only to display unnerving images and videos of young adults berating, belittling, and beating each other solely for the purpose of the enjoyment of who you are led to believe are “millions of Hip-Hoppers?”


Mr. O’Denat, the followers of your site are impressionable young men and women who “follow” you for a reason. As salacious as you may want your site to be, our youth are looking for answers and solutions to the many problems that plague our communities. The young people use your site as an outlet to escape the world they are living in, only to find that you place them right back at the starting point. Brother, you are well aware, or should be aware of the way Haitians are treated all over the world, including their own country. After all, Mr. O’Denat, you are Haitian, and you have even labeled yourself as a “Haitian Ghetto Nerd”, to gain God knows what kind of accolades. I am not Haitian, but I find it deplorable for a Haitian to associate such a dignified people with the “ghetto”, when Haitians come to this country to escape ghetto life.


Brother, I am sure you heard God speaking to you when the earthquakes in Haiti destroyed so many lives, and many of us di a fair share of work to help those in need. The repair for the damage done physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially will be an ongoing process that will take decades. But one of the brilliant brothers of Haitian decent is instead showering the world with what you call “the CNN of the Ghetto”. Brother, you are sadly mistaken if you would like the world to believe that hype. If you understand journalism 101, news is reported with two sides. Your excerpts of ghetto life, your lack of morality when accepting uploaded material, and your drive to maintain a site for the sole intent to destroy our Culture’s standing in these Americas is both uncouth and unacceptable by all of us at UZN. We are hereby separating ourselves and our followers from your site and what it supposedly stands for. Brother, if you were in fact the “CNN of the ghetto”, then you, as a former resident of Queens, NY should already know who Zulu is and what real Hip-Hop Culture is. Mr. O’Denat, there are many real Hip-Hoppers from Queens who laid the brick in the wall that you are trying to tear down.


You should already know about Run-DMC, Larry Smith, Salt-N-Pepa, Nas, MC Shan, LL Cool J and the founders of FUBU Clothing, to name a new. These men and women purposed to create a platform of expression for our Culture, and through the years, they have maintained and preserved that Culture. Mr. O’Denat, you are a Haitian, so you should know how serious Haitians are about their Culture. We are just as serious.


This is a new year, and the Universal Zulu Nation has begun a movement against anyone who is against us. Mr. O’Denat, either you are for Hip-Hop Culture, or you are not. There is no in-between, and no matter how many people have hyped you to believe that WorldStarHipHop is anything close to what this Culture is, they told you a lie. Mr. O’Denat, Hip-Hop Culture is FOUNDED on four spiritual principles. In case you haven’t already been schooled on what those principles are, they are: Peace, Unity, Love and Havin’ Fun. Mr. O’Denat, I pray that you do become a “CNN of the ghetto”, and that you someday get a camera and go to the ghetto yourself to record both sides of our neighborhoods. We still do have neighborhoods, brother.


Mr. O’Denat, can you imagine how much more hits WorldStarHipHop would have if you were intuitive enough to record rising Black political stars and activists, and some of the issues they discuss when trying to fix our problems nationwide? Or videos of Black political superstars like Barack and Michelle Obama. I would have loved to see the behind-the-scenes footage of the President at home with the wife and kids – on your website. I invite you to meet me in The Bronx, Boston, Virginia, The Carolinas, Chicago, DC, Maryland, Detroit, or any place that you feel more comfortable, so we may discuss the realities of “the ghetto” and how you can be better involved.


Mr. O’Denat, in closing I am asking you to remove the footage of the young man being forced to strip naked outside while people look on and another young man beats him with a belt while the camera man pours water on his fully naked body.


This is the link in question, Mr, O’Denat:

[Deleted Link]


This is not the first time you have posted content that has been of this nature, and from the looks of it, this is probably Child Pornography. Therefore, I will forward the link and the video to the proper authorities to be sure that these young people are in fact of age and in full consent of being on your site in such a demeaning fashion. I’m unsure if this will bring about any charges, as there is a huge rumor on the streets that you are in fact working for the feds and are using your site as a cover up. But who knows? Mr. O’Denat, I again ask that you look into the fact that you and your site have misused our Culture’s name, committed fraud and falsely advertised your site as “Hip-Hop”. You have forced the hand of the Universal Zulu Nation to take further action should you continue to promote your “CNN of the ghetto” as “Hip-Hop”, and we are asking with all due respect that you include a disclaimer at the bottom of the front page of your website concerning your company and Hip-Hop Culture. A great

footnote on your site should be:


“World Star Hip-Hop is in no way affiliated with real Hip-Hop Culture or its’ founders or the Universal Zulu Nation. This site solely for entertainment purposes, and does not promote Hip-Hop Culture”


Mr. O’Denat, you are free to use the above language, or you may use any language you see fit that parallels the language above. Please contact me at your earliest convenience, should you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached at or 617-297-7423.




Quadeer “M.C. Spice” Shakur

Minister of Information

Universal Zulu Nation

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