2 Chainz “Feds Watching” featuring Pharrell

2 chainz new song

During 2 Chainz performance of Summer Jam 2013, he released his brand new single “Feds Watching” featuring Pharrell. Titti Boy 2 Chainz, anticipated sophomore album is set to release in the month of September.  Keep your eyes and ears open, but first listen to this track Ish is fire!

Check it Out!

TRAEDONYA Family Affair Video


TRAEDONYA Family Affair Video:

TRAEDONYA Releases Family Affair Video and Unveils New App

New York based vocalist, TRAEDONYA is dropping a new App on the Android and iTunes marketplace.

The Indonesian Chart topping singer is bringing a new style AP for her followers so they can experience life through TRAEDONYA.

It’s a great new App created to bring TRAEDONYA fans everything they want about The Bride of New Funk Hipopera. She will dazzle you, intrigue you and even tantalize you to want more about what is going on in the world with TRAEDONYA.

Prohibition Entertainment’s NYC based vocalist TRAEDONYA! (aka The Bride of New Funk Hipopera) releases her first video ”Family Affair” off of her forthcoming digital debut EP ”High Fructose Corn Syrup”. The instrumentalist on the song is her band ”Sample This!” of which she is the lead vocalist and songwriter.

The song ”Family Affair” is a cover to the classic song, originally done by funk legends Sly and The Family Stone. The video has garnered over 47k on you tube and will be coming to MTV, BET Centric, Music Choice and other video outlets for summer 2013. The video shows various well known families together with TRAEDONYA! bringing her vocal rendition with true emotions. ”I just didn’t want to do too much because the song speaks for itself. I feel the visual captures the essence of the song, says TRAEDONYA!

In more TRAEDONYA! news you can now download her brand new app. The app will allow fans to hear about all things new about TRAEDONYA! in real time. The app is on iPhone and android platforms. However, not only is she releasing a new App she is also dropping new music.

TRAEDONYA! Pulls from her jazz influences and comes todays hip hop style and fuses it together to bring an updated single to and the classic, “Family Affair.”


”Family Affair” will be the bonus song on her debut EP High Fructose Corn Syrup available on July 2013

Get the App today:

iPhone platform: DOWNLOAD

Android platform: DOWNLOAD

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Kelly Rowland Talks About Being Jealous Of Beyonce On Dirty Laundry Track


Kelly Rowland has been guarded about her personal relationships in the past, now she has opened up on her recent track “Dirty Laundry”.

Kelly is singing about being envy of Beyonce’s success and being in an abusive relationship over a slow tempo. Kelly’s coming clean as she does her dirty laundry….I guess.

Check it out below and weigh in on it.

New Music – In G O D We Trust


YCMG – In G O D We Trust (New Music) YCMG – Young Conscious Music Group has finally released their first original track entitled “In G O D We Trust” Track was all produced by their own “Mixo Plex”

Available now on CD Baby, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Amazon.

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Kandi Burrus gospel song

Kandi Burruss turned spiritual on us People.  She released her debut single on last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, called “Stay Prayed Up” where she managed to snatch and team up with Marvin Sapp.  Ya’ll Juice Heads know exactly where i’m about to take this is I can imagine.  But wait lets at least check out the chorus first:

“I stay prayed up, that gets me by, That’s how I made it through my darkest times.

Yeah, I’m a sinner and that’s no lie, Thank God my prayers are heard because he knows I try”

Even though the song went straight to number one on Itunes, i’m still trying to figure out how you go from a sex toy line to Gospel?  That’s a bit far fetch, but hey I guess everyone gets a chance to find themselves.  Ms. Kandi Koated Nights has received much criticism, but she cleared the air making statement: “No mixed signals. The song clearly states that I’m a sinner.” She added that it relates to “people who believe in God but [know that] they’re not perfect Christians … The song is my testimony of what i’ve been through and how I deal with things. I think a lot of people will relate.”   

Listen to this and leave your commentary:

Braxton’s Family Values Back For Season 3

braxton family values -let-the-drama-cont-season-3

The Braxton’s Family Values show hit it’s third season and if you thought you’ve seen and heard it all, well BABY think again. Tamar got something for that asz since her song Love and War was short lived at the top of the charts…..

Oh Tamar thinks she’s the cat’s meow and she’s giving off more attitude than needed and the sisters ain’t having it. Let the drama continue….check out a snippet of Season 3

Mjj wants to know Will You Tune In To WeTv ….It premieres March 14 @9pmEST

Tamar Braxton Can Actually Sing


Tamar Braxton little sister to mega star Toni Braxton may not have to live in Toni’s shadow for long, she can actually sing, sitting on a stool. I looked and listened to her live performance on Good Morning America critically and she blew me away. The song “Love And War” has a nice appeal to it. I’ve heard her sing live (lip sync)before however, I wasn’t impressed.

The exposure of Braxton Family Values along with having her big husband HNIC by her side may deem good enough to make some noise. She has the pipes and somewhat the look, all she need is the right promotion and it appears that she already has that covered which makes a good recipe for success.

Now, maybe Herbert can cash his cow in and make a return on his investment and all that plastic…… and y’all thought he was a fool. Did you notice Tamar’s face didn’t move at all while she was singing, Joan Rivers….. Baby, you ain’t got nothing on Tamar Braxton ~watch out.


 How did she do?????


DJ Kayotik Running Dallas And The Mixtape World


DJ Kayotik Running Dallas Now Running The Mixtape World:

DJK inteview with 4UMF and chat about his mixtape

Any upcoming and aspiring rapper knows how hard it is to break into the hip hop industry and understands the crucial role DJs play as gatekeepers of new music. Known as the King of the Club, DJ Kayotik embraces his role as the pastor of the streets, bringing the music of independent and unsigned artists to the masses. Through all media even hip hop magazines.


Keep up with DJKAYOTIK


Born and raised in Queens, the Dallas transplant stays with his fingers pressed closely to the underground scene in both places. DJ Kayotik has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on Kayotik Khronikles, a series that is DJ Kayotik’s answer to the widely-popular DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz brand.


“Kayotik Khronikles is a mixtape dedicated to the independent artist movement and the mixtape has been getting great response. Doesn’t sound like the typical independent artist mixtape. Kinda out a flow to it out my touch to it, definitely a different vibe from the normal. Sometimes you get a couple mixtapes, especially independent artist mixtape, and it’s overkill. This one, you might not know the records you might not know the artists but when you hear the flow of the tape itself, it’s an easy listen.”


With over a decade in the industry, DJ Kayotik is at the forefront of rap music because he knows and respects the culture and heritage of it. Unlike a hip hop site like Worldstar or MediaTakeOut that exploits or promotes the ugliness of the industry, DJ Kayotik is more concerned with the authenticity and growth of hip hop.


“Hip hop, the culture as a whole, is a leader in the music game and if you dummy down the leader that gives opportunities for other genres to take over,” says DJ Kayotik.


What advice does the King of the Club give to unsigned artists?


Be humble. Stay hungry, aggressive. Most importantly, make a timeless record. Don’t get caught up in the hype of


trying to make a radio or iTunes hit, warns DJ Kayotik:


“There’s a lot of hits out today but as a DJ I can personally say I can’t extract and pull too many timeless records that I know that five years from now I can drop in my club set or drop on the radio or wherever I’m at and it’s still a hit. And it’s nothing against artists out today ‘cuz they’re making good music but timeless record is that great music, those classic records, whether it be hip-hop, R&B, pop, whatever it is. We’re missing a lot of timeless records.”


DJ Kayotik hopes to continue his brand, Kayotik Khronikles. Already in heavy rotation in Dallas, Kayotik Khronikles is making waves down south, in the bay area of California and in his original hometown of New York. As he continues to be the pastor of the streets, DJ Kayotik has his eyes set on a bigger prize; he would like to sign a deal as both an artist and as an A&R hoping to keep on the tradition of shepherding a new artist to the masses.





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