Ochocinco First Interview After His Divorce…..it’s a tear jerker

ochocinco on NFL live talking about his domestic violence incident and losing his football contract

Chad Ochocinco Johnson did an emotional interview for Inside the NFL. He talks about being stripped from the things that matter to him the most, His career and his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada. Watching the preview for the show that airs tonight almost made me feel sorry for the guy.

He goes on to say how his actions, has consequences and he takes full responsibility. Lozada was treated for a laceration to her forehead, police captain Dale Engle claimed at the time. Chad says he’s human and need to work on himself.

Ochocinco is taken anger management classes so he can have better control of his pop-offs.  He talked about how he needs to acts and not speak when it comes to his ex-wife Evelyn and getting her back.

Mjj says…..Damn he’s almost as good as T.O. during interviews, his voice was shaky as if he was holding back the tears. He was apologetic, and accountable. Ochocinco is probably thinking if Evelyn can go cry her crocs in public, so can he. This is going to be an interview you don’t want to miss. It airs tonight on Showtime @9pm……get your popcorn, butter, and tissues for this sob story.

Check Out the Clip below and weigh in

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Vanessa Bell Calloway “Shameless” Interview

Vanessa Bell Calloway still got the goods, check her out

(CelebNMusic247) Vanessa Bell Calloway Is ‘Shameless‘ or Bust!

CelebNMusic247 had the pleasure to talk with the talented and delightful Vanessa Bell Calloway who is returning for the third season of John Wells’ top-rated hour-long drama Shameless on Showtime.


Not only is Vanessa Bell Calloway returning to Shameless, she is also continuing on with a guest role on Matthew Perry’s new NBC series Go On.


Vanessa Bell Calloway returns as Carol Fisher, Veronica’s [Shanola Hampton] mother, who is Fiona Gallagher [Emmy Rossum] best friend. Calloway is back on the hit series Shameless for another dysfunctional season of the gritty grind and hustle to make it through another day. Although you may not think there are any family values on Shameless, there is one thing that holds the family and friends together and that is love.


She explains how she loves being a part of the show “because it’s so raw, so real, so cutting edge.” Vanessa personally loves it because she knows some people like the characters on the show “who are just making it in Cleveland.”


When asked about her range of freedom to explore and take Carol into new levels, Calloway reveals that she is able to push the envelope:


Vanessa explains:


“I get to go into a direction I normally do get the chance to do.”


Check out this article in it’s entirety @ CelebNMusic247

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PAUL MOONEY GIVES HIS TAKE ON THE RIHANNA CHRIS BROWN INCIDENTPaul Mooney aka The Godfather Of Comedy has blessed us with another hilariously insane comedy special…..that’s airing on Showtime and Showtime Demand NOW,  he’s talking that Rihanna and Chris Brown ish. This show is not for the super sensitive, easily offended person.

Paul Mooney says the things that your mama told you not to listen to, that blue humor, raw and uncut. Check out a tidbit of what’s in stored for you when you tune in.

You black people stop getting this Chris Brown bull-shit twisted and this is not a joke, stop getting it twisted. That girl beat the shit out that boy.


Wet your whistle below

Mean But True and Funny

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