Tom Brady the Best in The League

tom Brady in uniform

After watching Tom Brad play on Monday night football, it made me deviate from my original topic. Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the National Football League and arguably the best player in the NFL. He deserves mention on my page. He is worthy of being the highest paid quarterback of the league because he is the total package, he’s consistent.

Brady had over five hundred yards passing and threw four touchdowns, that kind of game performance reinforced what I already knew and what the world knows hands down Brady is the best.  Yeah you may love a quarterback that can win with his arms and his feet but, I love a quarterback that can sit in the pocket and get the job done.

Tom Brady is the epitome of a pocket quarterback. He was drafted in the sixth round, imagine that. Some may think I’m going over the top but, Bill Belichick you are a fu*^in genius.  My advice to up and coming young quarterbacks, watch Brady you will learn how to be a winner.

When Tom hangs up his cleats he maybe considered the best  quarterback or best football player EVER. Best believe a repeat of Super Bowl XXXIX Philadelphia Eagles and The New England Patriots but, with a different outcome. The Eagles winning the Super Bowl XLVI we are going all the way baby.

Tom Brady on the field

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Preseason has come to an end, now it’s time for the Real Deal. Lights, cameras, action let the games begin. You know I’m still on that Eagles SuperBowl Ship, I will never fall off. Everything is still the same except for one thing, Mike Vick is a hundred million dollar man once again with 40 million guaranteed. I wonder what Donovan McNabb has to say about that? I asked myself is Vick worthy of such a lucrative contract, time will tell.

Vick is the third highest paid quarterback in the League behind two most deserving quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Payton Manning who have both won Super bowls. Do you think a hundred million dollars would be incentive enough? It should be ….It would be for me, but if Vick has the same leadership, dedication, passion, and work ethic for winning like Tom and Payton then we have a winner. Even though most athletes that finally get that once in a career huge contract, don’t live up to it. Let’s hope that’s not the case for Michael Vick. I am looking forward to an exciting season.


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